Blogging for Relief

Since the international community doesn’t seem to want to help us, I will try to contribute what I can to survivors in LA/MS/AL. Instapundit and NZ Bear has organized a Blog For Relief Day (today). Bloggers select a charity and they suggest their readers donate to said charity.

My charity of choice was the American Red Cross, mostly because I feel they’re large enough they could make a huge impact given they have the funds needed to do so. If you do decide to donate, please follow up with NZ Bear here letting them know how much you donated and which blog referred you. Any amount will help. Also checkout Instapundit’s roundup page.

Needless to say, the situation in New Orleans doesn’t sound good. Martial Law has been declared. Gangs are roaming the streets, some reported to have AK-47’s. Prisoners have been let out of the prisons. Shootings are taking place on the streets.

Thousands of people are feared to be dead (via Riehl World View). Officials believe once the levy broke, many people went to their attics of their one story homes. Once the water reached them, they would be trapped and would have little hope for survival. Very sad if true. We’ll find out for sure once officials are able to start searching homes for the dead.

Now for some linkage.

The Jawa Report has info on a missing persons site. Wizbang! has more infomration on the Blog For Relief Day. Confederate Yankee has a hurricane survival guide, it’s still hurricane season people. HurricAid has details on FEMA for people that might need their services. BLACKFIVE has word of Louisana Army National Guard members returning home from combat zones to see their home towns basically gone. They also note that Soldiers’ Angels are accepting donations to help with Katrina relief efforts.

FEMA is suspending it’s rescue operations due to danger to the rescuers. The lawless environment is proving too brutal for their rescue crews to work under. That’s according to CNN anyway. The HurricAid website says FEMA is in need of additional people. They’re looking for 400 people and are paying $15.00/hour.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more later if there’s more to post. I’m sure there will be.