Elitetorrents Operator Gets Jail Time

Elitetorrents was shutdown over a year ago. Grant Stanley, age 23, was the main operator of Elitetorrents. Elitetorrents was one of the most popular private BitTorrent trackers a couple years back. Unfortunately, it was based out of the United States.

Anyway, Grant has been sentenced to 5 months in prison, and 5 months of home detention on top of that. He also has to pay a $3000 fine for his involvement with Elitetorrents.

Torrentfreak has more on this story. Here’s a bit from their article:

This ruling is the first BitTorrent related conviction in the US. Stanley pleaded guilty earlier this year to “conspiracy to commit copyright infringement” and “criminal copyright infringement”. He is one of the three defendants in the Elitetorrents operation better known as “Operation D-Elite”.