More “Religion of Peace” Riots

Muslims are again rioting in Egypt, outside a Coptic church in Egypt. All because of a DVD that was shown which some claim to be offensive to Islam. Same basic thing happened last week too, outside the same Coptic church. Only the first time, someone stabbed a nun.

This most recent event, which occured on Friday (10/21), claimed the lives of three and injured 60. Via ABC News:

CAIRO (Reuters) – Three demonstrators were killed when thousands of people protested on Friday near a church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria over the staging of a play they said was offensive to Islam, security sources said.

The demonstrators were killed during clashes between police and the more than 5,000-strong crowd which had gathered near St. George’s Coptic church in the Mediterranean port city after Muslim prayers, the sources said.

Police used teargas to try to disperse the crowd, which had pelted police with stones and which regrouped on several occasions after prayer times through the day and evening, the sources said. They said protests continued late into the night.

If that isn’t peaceful, I dunno what is.

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