More Mediacom Goodness

Maybe Mediacom didn’t pay them enough money to rank well, I dunno. I have heard that J.D. Power gives top honors in each class to the company that “donates” the most money to them. That’s not the topic of this post though.

Mediacom recieved the worst customer service rating out of all the cable companies. I am so proud of Mediacom. I’m really getting tired of their crap again. My speeds are great, I’m not complaining about that. TV works great too.

But, remember 90+ days back when I started the Mediacom countdown to the free upgrades? Yah, well the 90 days has come and gone, and there’s still no 10000/1000 package. All we have is 5000/256. A 10/1 package was promised within 90 days. I want to know if they actually expected to be able to hit that 90 day deadline. I mean, it was printed in newspapers all over, saying that a 10/1 package would be available within 90 days. Bullshit. They can’t even provide a steady 5Mbps down to a lot of subscribers.

And we’re still stuck on 256Kbps upload. And they’re supposed to be coming out with phone service (VOIP). Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t the VOIP suck up almost all of the upload? What happens when you try to surf the internet while on your phone? The sound quality can’t be too great.

There’s rumors going around that Mediacom is moving all of their equipment from analog to digital. This should help. But it doesn’t change that fact that promises were again made and again they weren’t kept.

I just wish they’d be straight with us for once. Although, Marshalltown, in Iowa, is getting a 10Mbps service soon, like within weeks. That package is only going to be $10 more than I’m paying. And I get half the download speed and a quarter of the upload speed. I hope it comes this way soon.

Honestly though, I am very happy with my internet service, although at least 512Kbps upload would be excellent. I do get a steady 5Mbps down at any given time of the day. When I signed up I had 1.5, then got a free upgrade to 3, and another free upgrade to 5. When we got the 3Mbps down upgrade we also got an upload increase to 256Kbps, from 128. All free upgrades, so I’m happy.


Network Poopery

Last Tuesday (July 26th), our network at work went totally down. Turned out a really old hub crapped out. Tuesday isn’t a good time for that to happen. It’s the last day that Mom’s Meals clients can call in orders for their next deliveries. In other words, it’s wicked busy. Ashley and her co-workers are busy entering the orders they’ve taken. Orders are of course entered into a database via a custom application.

They obviously can’t enter orders while the network is down. We were probably set back about 2 hours by the whole thing. Anyway, I quickly got a temporary network up so the girls could at least enter their orders. Then, after determining that the router wasn’t the cause, I removed one really old hub from the picture and things started looking better.

I headed off to staples to pick up a Linksys EtherFast® 4124 24-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch. Before we had this, some people’s pc’s were hooked into the router. Others were in that old hub. Now, the only cables going to the router come from the modem and go to the new Linksys switch. Two CAT-V cables going to the router, that’s it. What’s really nice is everyone is now on a 100Mbit network. And everyone is on the Linksys switch.

I also discarded a bunch of unused cables that didn’t seem to serve any purpose other than adding to the clutter. I wish we didn’t have to have all that stuff in the packing room. Ideally, it would be up here in the office somewhere. They wouldn’t get unplugged all the time if it was all up here.

Oh, I’m claiming my feedster. Dun bother clicking that link. And one more time.