WordPress.com: Domain Mapping

WordPress.com, the free blog hosting site based off WordPress, is getting ready to allow users to use their own domain names in conjunction with the wordpress.com service. What’s that mean? You will be able to setup a domain to point to your wordpress.com blog.

For example, I blog at http://slackware.wordpress.com. If I bought the slackwareblog.com domain, I could point it to slackware.wordpress.com. So, slackwareblog.com would essentially be running on top of WordPress.com. It’s a lot like gmail for your domain.

Right now, WordPress.com is only testing this feature out, offering it to the first 8 people to comment on the WordPress.com blog post discussing the new feature. I’ve been wishing for this feature since I started using wordpress.com, glad it’s finally on the horizon.

On a related note, “92.63% of the traffic to WordPress.com is for blogs outside of the top 25.” I figured it’d be lower than that, but that’s pretty impressive for those outside the top 25.


OpenDNS: Better DNS

Wired is running an interesting story on OpenDNS. What is OpenDNS you ask? “OpenDNS makes the Internet experience safer, faster and smarter for you and everyone using your network.” Here’s a peice from the article:

The OpenDNS system, which will open its servers to the public Monday, wants to be a more user-friendly name resolution service than those provided by ISPs, with technology to keep fraudulent sites out of its listings, correct some typos and help browsers look up web pages faster.

The man behind OpenDNS, David Ulevitch, isn’t new to DNS by any means. He’s also the founder of EveryDNS, which I used to use to host this site. It’s a great, free service.

OpenDNS is also free. I just updated our DHCP server to serve the OpenDNS IP addresses as DNS servers instead of the ones provided by Midiowa Net. So far, all seems to be working very well. Hopefully they’re ready for a huge influx of users, I don’t wanna have to swtich my DNS servers back.

David Ulevitch has a post in the OpenDNS Blog titled “Why I Started OpenDNS“, it’s really interesting.

I’m a little late to the blogging phenomenon, but here we go. I started working on OpenDNS last November to create a new kind of DNS service that can be used by anyone to make their Internet experience better. Since then I’ve been working hard to bring this to fruition by assembling a fantastic team, developing some really great software and deploying a world-class network. Now I’m thrilled to introduce the free service we’ve been building. It’s ready, and I want you to try it. You will love it.

All in all, the service looks very promising. I think a “smarter” DNS system will prove to be very beneficial. Thanks to Venture Geek for reminding me where I’ve seen the name “David Ulevitch” before, at EveryDNS!

Remember, you have a choice in who provides you with DNS services.