WordPress Plugin: Digg This Reloaded

I’ve been using the Digg Integrator plugin for easy Digging of my posts. The Digg Integrator plugin has had it’s share of problems lately, mostly due to changes the folks at Digg have implemented. WildBil has managed to fix the plugin up quite nicely though, I haven’t been having any issues with the newest version.

If you’re having problems with the Digg Integrator plugin, you might wanna check out the Digg This Reloaded plugin. It’s got a bunch of nice features similar to features found in the Digg Integrator plugin. Looks like a very promising plugin, I am going to install it and give it a try sometime this week.


Digg Integrator Plugin Fix

The Digg Integrator plugin v1.1 for WordPress hasn’t been working correctly. The author, WildBil, has been working on a fix for the last week or so. I got tired of waiting for a fix lastnight and took it upon myself to create one.

In addition to the referring Digg URL not being detected, I think there’s also a problem when submitting a site to Digg that has a “Preferred Digg Topic” set. The preferred topic is never sent along to Digg because the variable containing the preferred topic isn’t being called correctly in diggIntegrator.php.

All of the fixes I mention here are to be made within the wjt_diggThisPost function inside diggIntegrator.php. That function starts on line 225.

Now, moving on. The problem with the referring digg URL not being captured is extremely simple, I think. The function that captures the referring digg URL is simply not being called correctly. Basically, it’s not being run when it needs to. Look at line 278 in diggIntegrator.php:
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Digg Assigned To ECommerce Class

Par!x received an interesting comment yesterday. Apparently, the commenter is taking an e-commerce class. An assignment for the class involves signing up at Digg and submitting articles/comments. This of course intrigued Par!x so he sent the commenter an email asking for some more details about this assignment. Here’s whats involved in the Assignment:

“Digg activity. You’ll need to create a Digg account and become an active member. As a minimum, you’ll need to do the following by lesson 35:

1. Submit at least three stories directly related to a topic from class. To count, articles cannot be ‘dups’.

2. Comment on at least ten articles. To count, a comment must say something intelligent and represent a complete thought.

Digg Grade. If you meet the above two actions, you will get a grade no lower than a C. For this assignment, I will give the highest grades to those with the most Diggs on their submitted stories as well as an evaluation of the quality of your submitted comments. I also encourage each student to ‘digg’ other submitted articles by cadets in Mgt 392—be generous by digging submitted articles from fellow students. On lesson M13, I will provide an initial, 50-point progress grade of your Digg activity. Final Digg activity is due M35. On lessons M13 and M35, please send me an email containing the URL to your Digg profile page.”

Those students with the highest amounts of diggs will receive the top grades. Sounds like it’d be an interesting class, but I’m not sure how this exactly relates to ecommerce. I’ve taken a few ecommerce classes and it’s the same basic stuff every time, B2B, B2C, etc. There’s really not much “ecommerce” involved with digg.

Par!x is gonna be doing a follow up post at some point, I’m patiently waiting for more info.

UPDATE: Par!x posted an update with the students Digg identity. Looks like she’s been pretty successful so far. I bet she gets one of the top grades in that class.