Unwakeable 1.2 Status

Unwakeable 1.2 will be released shortly after January 1, 2007. I haven’t had much time the last two weeks to do much work on it. I could release it now, but I haven’t written the php to convert the old K2 options over to the new Unwakeable-specific options.

Some changes in 1.2 will include displaying post ratings, post views, and Digg Integrator on pages instead of only on posts. I’ve also added some css for displaying a changelog like the one I have on the Unwakeable page. Also, I need to test out Gregarious and get support for that plugin built in, if there’s any need to build support for it at all. Gregarious replaces Digg This Reloaded, it also makes use of the new Digg API.

I’ve been incredibly busy at work the last two weeks, we’ve migrated from Access to Microsoft SQL Server. It’s so much nicer to work with. Also, Ashley and I are going to Wisconsin on Friday to visit my dad and step-mom. I’m really hoping nothing goes wrong at work while I’m away. I can work remotely no problem, but I don’t know if I’ll have internet access for the entire week I’m gone. Luckily we’ve got some pretty good contacts that are willing to help out in my absence. They’re all people who’ve proven very trustworthy over the past year.


WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.1

I’ve updated my Unwakeable WordPress theme to version 1.1. I got in touch with Kirk to see if I could use some CSS from his Sawchuk scheme for K2. Much to my pleasure, he was happy to let me borrow from Sawchuk, so that’s what I did.

I took the following CSS classes from Sawchuk and implemented them in Unwakeable: download, code, alert, construction, and other. You can see Kirks test style post here for a taste of what each of these classes does, or you can just take a look below. I had modify some of the classes a little bit. I sometimes post small one-liner pieces of code that didn’t display very well without some changes to Kirk’s CSS. I basically just changed some margins around to make the code icon appear correctly, whether it’s in a one-line or multi-line piece of code.

Just for kicks, you can see all the different classes I’ve included in Unwakeable 1.1 below.
p class=”download”

Download Unwakeable 1.1

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Unwakeable 1.091

I’ve released a new version of the Unwakeable WordPress theme. Unwakeable 1.091 takes some of the new CSS from Unsleepable 2.0.

There’s really very little Unsleepable 2.0 left in Unwakeable 1.091. I modified the CSS from Unsleepable so heavily it’s basically what it was at version 1.7 (the version Unwakeable was initially built off).

Unsleepable 2.0 included a taller header, which I removed and set back to the original height found in the initial release of Unwakeable. Ben was also using images in the background of the menu when hovering with your mouse, I removed those and switched back to simply using colors instead of colored images. I couldn’t really tell any difference between the two.

Ben also added drop shadows to the “page” section of Unsleepable 2.0. I did not carry these over to Unwakeable, simply because they wouldn’t fit this theme very well. It could have been done, I didn’t like how Unwakeable looked with the drop shadows though.

You can see the theme here on this site or you can see dev.longren.org for a preview of the newest development version. That site is using Unwakeable 1.091 and WordPress 2.0.5 beta 1. And, as you can probably tell, it’s just a default WP install, no additional plugins or anything.

Unwakeable 1.091 is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer 7. It looks beautiful in IE7, as well as Firefox and older releases of Internet Explorer. Head on over to the official Unwakeable page to download, or you can download from right here.


Unsleepable 2.0

Ben Gray released Unsleepable 2.0 earlier today. Version 2.0 of Unsleepable is based on code from K2 0.9.1. From Openswitch:

I’ve just released version 2.0 of unsleepable. It is based on the K2 v.0.9.1 code and I have left all appropriate credits in the CSS. New to version 2.0 is shadows, a taller header, rolling archives, better live search, tweaked comments display and reply form, split footer, and more stuff that you’ll find out as you go.

Pretty sweet Ben, you shoulda done this about a week ago. 🙂 It’s just my luck to see a new release of Unsleepable soon after I released a theme based off the old Unsleepable. Guess it’s time for me to update the Unwakeable code already. Look for a new version of Unwakeable by the end of the week.


My First WordPress Theme: Unwakeable

You may have noticed the additional page up at the top. It’s home to my WordPress theme, Unwakeable. Unwakeable is basically K2 with the Unsleepable header.

It’s currently built off K2 0.9.1. I plan on keeping this theme in sync with all changes made to K2. So, when you see a new release of K2, expect a new release of this theme soon after.

This theme works with a wide range of plugins by default. The following plugins work by default with this theme, in addition to those already supported by K2:

  1. Digg Integrator
  2. WP-PostRatings
  3. WP-PostViews
  4. WordCount
  5. WP Admin Bar

This is NOT a style for K2. I’m releasing Unwakeable as a totally separate WordPress theme. One thing you should note is that this theme will inherit all the options you set for K2 in the K2 options page (assuming you were using K2 previously). Unwakeable make use of the same database options used by K2.

If you want a custom header graphic, check out Ben’s tutorial. Please let me know if you come across any problems with this theme, there are likely some things I missed.

In a related side note, WordPress.com added two new themes for users to choose from. They added Unsleepable and a stripped down K2. Coincidence? Definitely. Now would be the perfect time for WordPress.com to add Unwakeable, the combo Unsleepable/K2 theme. 🙂

You can download Unwakeable here or from the official Unwakeable page.

UPDATE: As the comment below says, Ben released Unsleepable 2.0. I’ll be updating Unwakeable within the week to include the new stuff from Unsleepable.