Pledge Ruled “Unconstitutional”

Yesterday, a federal judge in California ruled that it’s unconstitutional to recite the pledge of allegiance in public schools. All this started a couple years ago when Michael Newdow started throwing a fit that his daughter had to hear the words “under god” in the pledge while at school.

I’m a self proclaimed atheist, so this really doesn’t matter much to me. I just don’t care. When you recite the pledge of allegiance, you’re not pledging your allegiance to “god”, you’re pledging your allegiance to the United States. This has really pissed me off cuz I had to say the pledge every damn day in school.

In my opinion, the judge was wrong. He didn’t have to rule that the pledge is unconstitutional in a public school setting. Can’t the kids that don’t want to hear it just leave the room for about 5 seconds? I’m not religious at all, I still wouldn’t leave the room just because I know the meaning of the pledge. I hope Michael Newdow gets skull fucked. That fuck is forcing his opinions on others more than anyone ever has done to his daughter. Suck my nuts Dr. Newdow.

That’s how I feel, there’s a lotta people that feel much more strongly than I do. Some others people covering: Danny Carlton, Part-Time Pundit, L.T. Smash, Conservative Thinking, Outside The Beltway, Mark in Mexico, JunkYardBlog, and The Political Teen.