Crumpet: A Deliciously Simple SASS/SCSS Responsive Framework

A Simple SASS/SCSS Responsive Framework keeps your HTML clean & stays out of your way

I’ve not used Crumpet in any projects yet, however I’d like to soon. You can the find Crumpet source on GitHub.

You can see Crumpet in use at the official Crumpet site. It provides code examples and other documentation. It’s a very well put together SASS/SCSS Responsive Framework. From the Crumpet site:

Everything is straight forward, all of the code is commented and gives you instructions on how to use Crumpet, so you can spend all your time in the code editor. Here are the few files that Crumpet comes with to get you going:

  • A index.html that gives you a little demo.
  • A settings.scss file which has the frameworks settings in.
  • A main.scss which has some demo styles, as well as some instruction on how to incorporate the grid into your site.

It gives you a quick and easy front-end setup and keeps your HTML clean and then stays out of your way.

Check it out, I’m betting you’ll find a use for it, especially if you don’t already have a go-to front-end web framework that you use.

Crumpet could very well be my next go-to framework. Again, it’s available on GitHub.