Lunar Armbands

Light Your Night

I quit smoking, and I’ve been running a little here and there. Usually do about a half mile in about 7 minutes, so I’m really slow. In my defense, I haven’t actively run since high school, about 15 years ago or so, but still. Gimmie a year and I’m going to do my first 5k. :)

Anyway, these Lunar Armbands look awesome, and I just pre-ordered 2 of them.

I tend to get a “second wind” around 10pm, probably all the caffeine during the day. Anyway, about that time is the only time I have the motivation to go out and run, especially in the cold. I haven’t run at night yet simply because I don’t have any real running gear and nothing really reflective. I’ve got plenty of athletic gear, but nothing for night.


Here’s a description from their site:

What sets Lunar Armbands apart from traditional reflective clothing is its ability to illuminate users in pitch black conditions with no alternate light source. The Lunar Armband easily attaches to your arm, wrist or ankle with an adjustable Velcro strap.

It has three different light settings ranging from fast blink, to slow blink, to a solid band of light. Lunar Armband enables users to safely go about their life whether it be an early morning run, a late night bike ride or a night out at a concert.

You can pre-order now right from their website.

I just pre-ordered, and can not wait to get them. Sounds like they’ll be shipping in about 14 days. For more updates, check out their blog.

I really dig the look of these things, so, below is a gallery of assorted Lunar Armbands.

And here’s a video of Matt Hall, one of the Co-Founders, testing out some of the armbands.


Tail Weavers, Helping More Unwanted Pets Get Adopted

One set of my parents, Roger and Carol, are starting a nonprofit to help unwanted pets find new homes. It’s a very personal thing for them, and me as well.

It’s sickening that animals have to lose their lives because there’s no room for them in their local animal shelter.

Tail Weavers is trying to change that by making it easier for unwanted pets to find new homes. Here’s a bit from

We are [in the process of becoming] a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the vision of a nation where kill shelters are extinct. Raising the funds and getting our legal nonprofit status is Phase 1.

Our mission is to provide free hybrid photography training to photographers and to have them donate their new skill to shelters and rescues. The still portraits and Tails In Motion portraits (the hybrid part – a little move that combines stills and video and audio) will be posted by the shelter/rescue to promote the quick adoption of the pet into a permanent home.

There is a $2200 goal setup on GoFundMe, that funding will be used to actually setup the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can donate by visiting the crowdfunding page, which also contains for more info.

If you’d like the help, the best way you can do so right now is by donating to setup the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.