Conservative Personality

I don’t really think I’ve got a conservative personality, my ideas are more conservative though. I’ve actually got an extremely liberal personality, I think. Although, I am whiny sometimes, and I wouldn’t say “I’m not crazy.” According to a recent study, I probably do have a conservative personality. Here’s a bit from the new Red America blog:

Apparently, this violent testosterone-fueled psychological imperitive – not a coherent and just strategy for defending America in response to the first major attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor – is the real reason for our war in Iraq. Oh, and Condi Rice? Don’t worry, women can have manly envy, too. Clearly, Maggie Thatcher did.

I guess I wasn’t aware there were many effective warfare strageties that don’t involve violence. I think I’m gonna enjoy reading Red America, a lot. Hopefully it’ll stay around for a while, I like Ben’s sense of humor, and his cool last name “Domenech.”

And while we’re at it, MacStansbury is loving our “new media”. He’s got a post that’s “Not a ‘sop to the paper’s right-wing critics’.” The “paper” being WaPo, of course.

Hat Tip: Dan @ Riehl World View.


Cindy Arrested, Officer gets Crabs

Cindy Sheehan got herself arrested in front of the white house yesterday. It’s pretty obvious that she was trying to get arrested. Nobody would be paying attention to her today/yesterday had she not gotten arrested.

Chris Short has the pictures of her being carried away. Not sure why that one cop has his hand up her little denim skirt thingy. I’d cut my fuckin hand off after that, I wouldn’t want to leave any chance for the crabs to spread to my brain.

I can’t believe that average people actually feel sorry for her still. I just don’t believe it. I’d hope that most americans are better judges of character than that, I could be wrong though. She’s just continuing her media-whore onslaught. She’s probably totally forgotten about her son and her mother that had a stroke. All she does is bitch and suck up valuable air that I had dibs on months ago. How dare she.

While we’re on the media-whore subject, the Anchoress has a post detailing media whores and their creators.

Other people writing about Cindy getting arrested include Blogs for Bush, Let’s Blame Bush and Daily Pundit. The Political Teen has a poll and a video.

Linking the Mudville Gazette open post.

UPDATE: Thanks for the amusing e-mails. And you guys call me sick…