New Power Supply Unit for Nightengale

One of the main reasons for moving this site to DreamHost was the increasing instability I was experiencing with my server, nightengale. The machine would lock up pretty randomly, with no warning. I’d have to yank the power cord from the back to get it to come back to life.

I noticed the power supply was quite a bit warmer than it should have been. The fan wasn’t spinning at all. The fan was only supposed to spin when it was needed, I never saw it spin. I tore that old PSU apart and the fan was extremely hard to move, and I was using my hand.

After the machine sat dormant for a few days, I decided to hit up Staples and see what they had for power supplies. Luckily they had the one I was wanting, the Antec SP-350.

This new power supply is much quieter than the old one. It’s also a whole hell of a lot cooler to the touch. I’ve also compiled a few kernels with this new PSU and I can’t get the box to freeze. The freezing would usually occur when I was compiling a new kernel or something very CPU intensive for a period of time.