0 Easily Deploy LAMP Stacks, and it’s free I have yet to use ServerPilot, but will be setting up a new VPS at DigitalOcean in the coming weeks for a new venture. ServerPilot makes getting a LAMP stack setup very quickly. ServerPilot will automatically install Nginx, Apache, PHP, and MySQL on a new, freshly installed/created, […]

0 Rich objects in a social graphs When you share a link on Facebook, an image from the link is shown, usually. Sometimes, no image is displayed, as if Facebook couldn’t find a suitable image at the URL. Why? Adding Open Graph protocol tags to your site will ensure that Facebook knows which image to […]

0 I’ve been using this for a boilerplate lately, it’s pretty nice, and not all that different from the piece of HTML I’ve had saved on Dropbox for the last 10 years. It provides a bare, standards-compliant starting point for your websites, giving you just enough to get started, making it easy to add your […]

0 Just an unscientific poll of Hacker News and Designer News users (mostly) Results will always be publicly available. This is more of a practice simply to help me gauge where I should go from PHP and JavaScript. Golang is enticing and is currently what I’m leaning towards. Hacker News thread, and Designer News thread. […]

1+ A super tiny sticky alerts plugin Why? Just because. Sticky Alerts can be downloaded here, and a demo can be seen here. This pen from Thommy Browne caught my eye. The sticky alert bar was made with some very simple jquery and a bit of CSS. I’ve been quickly increasing my JavaScript knowledge and […]