Pledge Ruled “Unconstitutional”

Yesterday, a federal judge in California ruled that it’s unconstitutional to recite the pledge of allegiance in public schools. All this started a couple years ago when Michael Newdow started throwing a fit that his daughter had to hear the words “under god” in the pledge while at school.

I’m a self proclaimed atheist, so this really doesn’t matter much to me. I just don’t care. When you recite the pledge of allegiance, you’re not pledging your allegiance to “god”, you’re pledging your allegiance to the United States. This has really pissed me off cuz I had to say the pledge every damn day in school.

In my opinion, the judge was wrong. He didn’t have to rule that the pledge is unconstitutional in a public school setting. Can’t the kids that don’t want to hear it just leave the room for about 5 seconds? I’m not religious at all, I still wouldn’t leave the room just because I know the meaning of the pledge. I hope Michael Newdow gets skull fucked. That fuck is forcing his opinions on others more than anyone ever has done to his daughter. Suck my nuts Dr. Newdow.

That’s how I feel, there’s a lotta people that feel much more strongly than I do. Some others people covering: Danny Carlton, Part-Time Pundit, L.T. Smash, Conservative Thinking, Outside The Beltway, Mark in Mexico, JunkYardBlog, and The Political Teen.


Politicizing Katrina

The left is taking full advantage of Katrina for their Bush-bashing agenda. All of their theories so far basically revolve around Bush “stealing” money away from the New Orleans levee system to fund the war in Iraq.

Too bad for them the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came out today stating that “the decision to build levees for a Category 3 hurricane was made decades ago based on a cost-benefit analysis.” Tell that to any lefty and they’ll refute the evidence as though it doesn’t even exist. All the links above go to Rob’s Say Anything.

Along with stealing money away from the New Orleans levee system, Bush also brought this on by not having strict enough environmental regulations. Not really, but that’s what the left would have you think. It’s not like Katrina was a freak of nature that was produced due to crappy environmental conditions. It was a level 4 hurricane when it hit the coast.

And how are they gonna blame current president Bush for the environment? The environment doesn’t change just like that in 6 years. These changes occur very slowly over a long period of time. So, even if Bush did tighten pollution laws, we probably wouldn’t see the desired effects for 30 or 40 years. I was listening to Cindy Sheehan blame all this on Bush the other night. She was taking the “Bush destroyed our clean atmosphere and is causing all these freak storms to pop up out of now where” stance. She’s totally off her rocker. And that picture of her with Rev. Al Sharpton bout made me noxious.

Others speaking about the politicizing of Katrina include Blogs for Bush and Patrick Ruffini. Both are very worthwhile reads.

So, enough of that for now. I’ll continue with some updated Katrina news. Outside The Beltway is reporting that a massive explosion ripped through New Orleans this morning. The explosion was at some sort of chemical depot. Apparently a huge fire is now burning. James also has news of the Louisiana governor ordering National Guard troops to shoot and kill looters. This could end up being a huge deal. I have to wonder if the National Guard will really shoot and kill looters. Some will probably refuse the orders. I for one never thought I’d witness National Guard troops opening fire on American citizens. But, times definately aren’t “typical” down there.

HurricAid has a link to a scanner feed from New Orleans. I’ve been listening to it for the last half an hour or so. A few minutes ago some guy was on there saying they’re getting ready to drop a bunch of cell phones to people. Not sure if the people were at the convention center or what. And they just had some kid on there that’s looking for his dad. They ended up giving the kid a phone number of the shelter his father was at.

Riehl World View has reports of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in southern California. Unfortunately there’s not really much information on that at this time.

I need a fatwa!