WordPress Multisite Administration Twitter Giveaway

I’ve got 3 e-book copies of WordPress Multisite Administration to give away. To enter, you must retweet the tweet at the end of this post, AND leave a comment on this blog post. It’s not first come first serve this time, instead, 3 random entrants will be chosen by my 4 year old daughter.

Deadline for entries is October 30, 2013 at 11:59PM, so get to it. 🙂

People running WordPress Multisite will be especially interested in this book, but it’s also a great learning source for people using standard WordPress installations too. There’s a lot of good practices and other security related material that applies to both multisite installations and single site installations.

If you’d like to buy this fine book, which I would REALLY appreciate, you can do so from the Packt Publishing website, located at http://www.packtpub.com/wordpress-multisite-administration/book.

I hope to get the opportunity to write another book soon about Anchor CMS, which I am absolutely in LOVE with. You can see Anchor CMS in action at the VPSstat.us blog.


O’Reilly: “Web 2.0” is Ours

IT@Cork is a networking organization for IT professionals. They have an upcoming Web 2.0 half-day conference, which prompted O’Reilly to send a cease and desist letter. O’Reilly is claiming they’ve applied for a trademark for the term “Web 2.0”, attempting to prevent IT@Cork from using “Web 2.0” for its conference.

How fucking stupid is that? O’Reilly is a company that tries to appeal to the open source community, trademarking a term that’s been in wide use on the internet for the last 2-3 years is gonna hurt their reputation. O’Reilly claims to have come up with the term “Web 2.0” in 2003 while at the O’Reilly and CMP Web 2.0 Conference. That’s just fine and dandy, but for O’Reilly to do something like this is pretty out of the ordinary for the company. I really don’t care one way or the other, as I’ve mentioned my thoughts on “Web 2.0” before. It’s a marketing ploy, probably developed by O’Reilly. So I say we let em have their silly “Web 2.0” trademark.

OK, so all that went down yesterday. Today, IT@Cork received a fax from O’Reilly basically asking them to sign a document saying they’ll no longer use “Web 2.0” at future events. The VP of Corporate Communications at O’Reilly, Sara Winge, had a message posted to the O’Reilly Radar blog about the “Web 2.0” trademark controversy. It’s really pretty lame.

Nice job O’Reilly, you’ve upset a lot of people, a number of whom have been loyal customers for years.


Soldier Life

American Soldier runs an awesome blog. He blogs about his time serving in the U.S. military and about his life after returning home. It’s all very interesting as he has a very unique perspective on a lot of things.

Anyway, he got a book deal. The book, called “Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier”, is available for pre-orders.

I pre-ordered. It’s wicked cheap if you pre-order. Unfortunately I was unable to pre-order immediately as my paypal account was dry. Money finally finished transferring to my account today, so I ordered the book today.

I am very excited for it to arrive. The book is supposed to be out in December of 2005. People who pre-order get the book a couple weeks in advance I think. Head on over to LBF Books if you’re interested in a copy. Congrats A.S.!


PHP 5 Power Programming – For Free

Since this book has been out for a little while now, it’s being offered for free in PDF format at the Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series site. The entire 720 pages (9.3MB) can be downloaded from this URL:

It’s pretty kick ass they’re letting these books be distributed freely over the internet. Bruce Perens site I mentioned before actaully has a few free books that could be worth downloading. I was suprised at the number of books they’re offering. All you people just getting into PHP should probably check it out.