Gmail For Your Domain

Hosted Gmail, or “Gmail for your domain”, is sweet. It provides the ability to use the Gmail interface with your domains email. So, I go to my hosted Gmail and I can send/receive email at the domain.

I had to change my MX records at DreamHost over to Google’s, naturally. I didn’t include a priority when switching them over though, stupid. I guess I was expecting a seperate form field for those. Didn’t cause much of a delay though.

I really like the idea of “Gmail for your domain.” It serves it’s purpose very well. I could go for a few more features in the administration area. The “Advanced Tools” in the picture is really a “tool” for editing your accounts in bulk. Under “Domain Settings” you’ll have the opportunity to set a custom logo, edit the sign-in page, and enable/disable chat. The only thing you can currently edit on the sign-in page is the color of the username/password boxes. Click for a bigger picture.
I expect a whole slew of new customizable settings as the beta progresses. I believe the chat feature was just added today, although standard Gmail has had that for some time now. I’d really like to be able to edit the title used on pages. It seems to just use the domain as the title right now.

I noticed they’ve got an “Account Plan” indicator on the administration dashboard. Google will probably start charging for this service once it’s out of beta, which could be in like 15 years. I mean, Gmail itself is still in beta. They might even charge per user, I’ve got “Up to 200 users for free.” I’d actually expect a pricing schema very similar to that seen today in web hosting. But probably cheaper.

Hopefully that screenshot isn’t against the TOS or anything. I’m not gonna bother reading that 50 page psycho-babble though. Maybe I’ll post more screenshots later.

On a somewhat related note, Garett Rogers (at ZDNet blogs) is speculating about “Google Music“. It’s not news though, just hardcore speculation.

Information gathered at the Digital Hollywood pre-show suggests Google is holding an invitation only event for twenty top music industry executives this Thursday. This may suggest that Google is moving forward plans to compete with Apple and others in the downloadable music space.

The topic of this meeting isn’t known, but we can speculate that Google may be showing an early stage product that is in the making or trying to form partnerships like they have with CBS.

UPDATE: Science Addiction has a nice review of Gmail for your domain, along with screenshots. Site may be slow as it got slashdotted earlier today, seems to be recovering now.


Ben Domenech Resigns

Ben Domenech has had a rough few days. He started off taking shit for his new Red America blog over at WaPo. Then he’s called a bigot for some blog posts he made a while back at Red State.

Now, he’s been forced to resign from his position at WaPo due to plagiarism charges (also posted at official WaPo Blog). It was probably a good idea for him to step down. Lots of people from both sides wanted to see him go.

Jim Brady posted at Red America announcing Ben’s resignation. Jim is the executive editor at Below are conservative bloggers with some rather interesting things to say about Domenech:
Riehl World View
The Political Pit Bull
Outside The Beltway
Michelle Malkin
Don Surber
Right Wing Nut House
Iowa Voice

All-in-all, this sucks. Had there not been such a huge initial furor over Ben and WaPo, Red America would still be around. I understand peoples anger about Ben though. He did plagiarize, losing Red America are the consequences of his actions. Too bad.


Washington Post Gets Red

The ever-liberal Washington Post is starting up a new blog. The blog is named Red America and is being run by Ben Domenech, co-founder of RedState.

The launch of this new blog has apparently upset some liberals. Not sure why, I thought these types were all about “letting people choose” and providing un-biased information. I guess that only applies to media outlets they deem to be “conservative”.

NewsBusters has a nice post concerning the liberal whining. Others blogging on this topic include Protein Wisdom, Donklephant, Decicion ’08, and Wizbang.

I, for one, welcome our new WaPo blog overlords. Oh, and if you want some more info about Ben and his work, check out the first post on Red America.

I found this post at MyDD to be very amusing. Apparently the right-wing blogosphere has been destroyed.

Glenn Reynolds is a columnist for MSNBC. Andrew Sullivan is a columnist for Time. Michelle Malkin is a frequently published columnist in a number of offline outlets. And now, RedState co-founder Ben Domenech has a regular column in the Washington Post.

I might be wrong, but doesn’t that help show how successful the conservative blogosphere has been? I’m pretty sure it does…crazy hippies. Now, I’m a member of the “conservative blogosphere”, and I’ve seen nothing but growth since my arrival. I’m not a big enough creature to matter though, so I guess it sucks to be me? I dunno, dun care.


Inline Trackbacks for WordPress

For the last few days I’ve been searching all over the place for a plugin to do inline trackbacks. I’ve got em now, you’ll see what I’m talking about at the end of a few posts here on the main page.

Simply Kimberly had a plugin, but a 404 is recieved upon trying to download. Luckily, Slobokan came to fill the 404 void. Actually, Slobokan noticed Kimberly’s original plugin wasn’t counting pingbacks, only trackbacks. He took it upon himself, much to my pleasure, to fix the plugin to include pingbacks and trackbacks. Now, that’s something I could have done, but I wouldn’t have written a plugin. I’d have just hacked some PHP into my index.php file. The problem with me doing that is I’ll forget what I’d done eventually and would just confuse myself.

I hacked inline trackbacks into the last WordPress theme I was using, it was dirty and I don’t want to do it again. I don’t see a point in re-inventing the wheel when numerous people probably already have re-invented “the wheel”.

So, all you WordPress folks out there that’ve been wanting inline trackbacks, hit up Slobokan’s site and download. If you’re not familiar with PHP, don’t worry. Installation is extremely easy.

Perhaps I’ll throw a couple trackback parties soon. Not sure though, the amount of traffic that seems to be generated by those makes me a little nervous. Bandwidth is an issue for me unfortunately.


Happenings in the Blogosphere

Patrick, the dirty kuffar behind Clarity and Resolve, has a new look for the website. I think it looks a whole lot better. I like the lighter color. The amount of graphics has been reduced too, which makes for a much quiker loading page. It’ll probably save him some bandwidth too. It’s got a more minimalistic look to it than the previous design. I love it.

Also, James Joyner, over at Outside The Beltway, is getting married tonight. Best of luck to him and his new wife. I guess this will end up in the “Beltway Wedding Jam”.

Since we’re on the topic of weddings, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable recently proposed to his girl via Ask Jeeves search. He brought Yisha (fiance) to his office and asked her to search for her name. Upon doing so the search results returned a small image and text asking the question. You can see more by searching Ask Jeeves for “rustybrick engagement“. Very nice Barry.