0 WordPress version 2.3.3 has been released. This release, like the previous one, addresses an urgent security vulnerability that was found in the WordPress XML-RPC implementation. The flaw could allow any valid user on your blog to edit posts made by other users on your blog. WordPress 2.3.3 also fixes some other minor bugs. If […]

0 The WordPress folks have released WordPress 2.3.2, describing it as an urgent security release. This latest version fixes a bug that can be exploited to display your draft posts. Some changes have also been made to prevent certain error messages from giving away more information about your database than they need to. I would […]

0 The NeoSmart Files noticed the addition of native tagging support to WordPress 2.2 in the SVN repository. What’s this mean for WordPress bloggers? Not much really, other than the fact you’ll no longer have to use a third-party plugin for tagging your posts or pages. This is great for WordPress, tagging is something I […]

0 Spam Karma 2 has served my well over the last year or two. As you can see from the image, SK2 stopped 76,264 pieces of comment spam from being published. Before Akismet was around, Spam Karma 2 was the plugin most people went to for spam protection. Since Spam Karma 2 hasn’t been showing […]

0 Just a quick heads up on what’s been going on with Unwakeable lately. On the top of my priority list is livesearch. Livesearch doesn’t work in Internet Explorer when certain plugins are in use, such as Share This from Alex King. This is caused by multiple prototype.js files being loaded. The next version of […]