How Dare You President Bush?

This is too good to pass up. Everyone in the world knows that George W. Bush is to blame for basically every problem the world has. It’s just a fact. For example: The Iowa vs. Iowa State game is this weekend in Ames. It’s entirely Bush’s fault it’s in Ames. Now I won’t be able to get around quickly to my usual destinations. In relation to that I’ll end up spending more money on gasoline. It’s in Ames because there’s a slightly higher black population in Iowa City rather than in Ames. And you know, Bush hates black people, so the fewer the better. I’m just glad to see that our president is able to keep on top of so many things.

Yah, I don’t really have much talent for satire, so I’ll just let you read the good stuff for yourself. This is the first time I’ve seen Six Meat Buffet “lash out” at president Bush like this. 😉

Bush is getting blamed for basically everything. It’s not even humanly possible for one man to be responsible for everything people are blaming on him. It’s sad but also totally funny. The left in this country will believe anything they read on Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. Their brains have gotta be almost totally wasted away.

H/T: Rusty @ The Jawa Report