Newsvine is Ready

Newsvine is “a perfectly different, perfectly efficient way to read, write, and interact with the news”. I’ve been using the Newsvine beta since about January. I make very heavy use of Newsvine all the time, although I don’t seed articles or post very often.

After 2 months of beta testing, Newsvine was released for public consumption yesterday. Mike Davidson, founder, writes a few notes about the release in his blog:

After eight weeks of testing in private beta, Newsvine is now live to the world. It’s been an extremely productive couple of months, with countless enhancements and feature additions making their way onto the site almost every day.

The decision when to release to the world was a tough one for us. The site has come so far in its short existence, and yet, we feel we still have so far to go. Things are never finished around here, but that’s a good thing. By continuing to listen and react to the needs of the community, the Newsvine team is determined to make this site what it has always promised to be: a perfectly different, perfectly efficient way to read, write, and discuss the news.

If you are a news junkie like me, you’ll probably be right at home with Newsvine. Breaking stories often show up there hours before they hits the likes of Fox News or the other large players. Go check it out!