Colors: A New Anchor CMS Theme

A minimal theme for Anchor CMS with a splash of Color

The blog has been running Anchor CMS since I launched it.

Since is done and gone, I decided to release the theme for public use. It’s on GitHub. I’m no designer, so this theme looks like absolute junk compared to most other Anchor CMS themes. Anchor has some of the nicest looking themes around.

It’s not in a very usable state currently. I need to fix a lot of things, especially the logo/site name. is currently hard-coded in there with no way to change it without editing the source.

The social icons in the footer also need to be removed and replaced with something dynamic that can be enabled or disabled.

There’s probably about five things I need to do before I’d feel comfortable submitting it to

If you want to give it a try, I’d love to know what you think. If you come across problems, feel free to fix them and send a pull request. It’s really easy to do. Here’s the gist of it (pun intended):

I’m still planning to contribute more to Anchor core, specifically with importing WordPress content. The current methods for importing from WordPress are pretty unreliable. I’d love to move this site to Anchor, but waiting on a few features before I do that.

A full screenshot is below, or you can see it running on the blog.
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