Soldier Life

American Soldier runs an awesome blog. He blogs about his time serving in the U.S. military and about his life after returning home. It’s all very interesting as he has a very unique perspective on a lot of things.

Anyway, he got a book deal. The book, called “Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier”, is available for pre-orders.

I pre-ordered. It’s wicked cheap if you pre-order. Unfortunately I was unable to pre-order immediately as my paypal account was dry. Money finally finished transferring to my account today, so I ordered the book today.

I am very excited for it to arrive. The book is supposed to be out in December of 2005. People who pre-order get the book a couple weeks in advance I think. Head on over to LBF Books if you’re interested in a copy. Congrats A.S.!