Exclusive OmniDrive Screenshots

Techcrunch has some exclusive screenshots of OmniDrive. OmniDrive is an online storage medium, similar to those thought to be in development by Google and Microsoft.

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch has been using OmniDrive. Last week they released a client interface for those on Windows systems, in addition to their web-based interface. OmniDrive sounds pretty neat, although it’s still in beta. Apparently they’ll be sending out a few hundred invites each day until they’re open to the public.

They’re also going to release an API to developers, which is really cool:

With the API a developer can either build applications that existing Omnidrive users can use, or they can create their own users and use Omnidrive purely as a backend. The API extends to being more than just saving and retrieving a file with user management, payment management, media handling and the ability for the users of a partner application to use their desktop tools to store, retrieve and access files.

Go head over to Techcrunch to have a look at the screenshots.