Stupid Cracker

You gotta read that. This guy is funny as hell. He’s also a jack ass. The accusations against VA Systems and Slashdot, also hilarious. Anyway, he’s supposedly some kind of prophet, named SOLLOG. Wikipedia gave both sides of his story, which he didn’t like. Someone contributing to the Wikipedia page about him called his prophecies into question.

He started, the mature dude that he is. Notice all the links at the top of the page? “1 News – 1 Search – 1 For Sale” blah, blah, blah. Anyway, same links on the website. It’s pretty obvious he owns the site too. He’s writing news about himself as if it’s not him? That’s creepy.

But yah, the whole thing is pretty funny. He’s upset that people on Slashdot were makin fun of him. I think it’s great how the site makes it seem like being a porn producer a bad thing. “Jimbo” Wales should be given a medal.