Splinter Cell

I finally got around to beating the first Splinter Cell game on Xbox a few weeks ago. After doing so, I went out and bought Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. I just beat that game yesterday. Pandora Tomorrow is a hell of a lot easier than the first Splinter Cell game.

Pandora Tomorrow only took me about a week to beat. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is supposed to be coming out sometime this month, I’m prolly gonna pick it up as soon as it’s out. Chaos Theory supposedly has a cooperative campaign mode, that should be interesting.

I got my new video card working. I get an average of 3100fps, a lot better than the 100fps I was getting with my Radeon. This machine has a much snappier feel to it now. I am very happy with it.

I need to get heading to work now though. Boo! I hope I’m done before noon so I can make it out to my mom’s house before 1:00 so I can eat with them. Jessica is supposed to get confirmed today, I can’t make cuz of work though.


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