Son of a bitch!

Lastnight about $1200 of stereo equipment got stolen out of my car. My car was at Ashley’s place. I was so pissed off this morning when I went out to start my car. Fucking wires hanging all over the place.

Immediately after going back into Ashley’s, I accidentally punched a hole in the wall, outside her apartment. My hand was all bloody. After that, I called the cops. They’re not gonna be able to do anything…cuz they’re Nevada police. The fuckin cop wrote my license plate number on his fuckin hand! I mean, lets be real.

The list of stolen goods goes as follows:
1. 1 Kenwood CD/MP3 reciever
2. 1 Kendwood Excelon 1000w Amp
3. 2x 12″ Eclipse Subs + box

There’s only a few people that know I had subs in my car. One of those being Angel, a mexican who lives in Ashley’s building and also works at Moms Meals with us. He’s got a history of doing this kind of thing. The cops have come into work previously and taken him with them.

Oh yah, they also took all my change! Even the few cents that was in my seat that had fallen outta my pockets. I dunno any white people, besides tweekers, that would steal change.

I am not a racist. I am only looking at the facts that are right in front of me. I’m not going to dance around the fact that I think it was a mexican that stole my stuff. Fuck being PC (politically correct). All you PC all the time people are what’s wrong with this world. If yall’d just say what you think, we’d be good.