Some downtime while moving to WordPress

This site was down for a bit yesterday due to a cable outage here in town. TV and everything was out through all of Nevada.

Came back up within about 2 hours. Was also down for a bit today while I was messing with MySQL and PHP. I’m moving this site over to WordPress, so I compiled PHP 4 as WP supposedly won’t work with PHP 5. I don’t need any special features from PHP 5, so I decided to downgrade.

I don’t really know why I’m moving to WordPress. I guess I’m just tired of this custom blog code so I’m gonna switch to something that’s more widely used. I think it should help attract more visitors also.

I don’t really know when I’ll have everything moved over, it’ll probably take me a couple of weeks to complete. I need to find a good WordPress template that isn’t being used all over the web. The default, Kubrick, is wicked popular, so I dun think I’ll be using that one.

Expect some downtime while moving to WordPress, although downtime should be pretty minimal.


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