So, it’s finally raining

I haven’t seen it rain in a long time it feels like. It was supposed to rain yesterday, but that didn’t happen till about midnight lastnight. It was all done by the time I got up this morning for work.

Between 9:00 and 10:30 today it was sunny as a mother fucker out. Started getting really warm too. I went to the warehouse in Ankeny around noon, and by the time I got back around 2:30 pm, it was starting to sprinkle a little bit.

It finally started down pouring around 5:00, shortly before I left work. From the looks of the radar images, it’ll be raining for a while, probably through tomorrow afternoon. I hope so. I dunno why, I’ve just been wanting it to rain a lot. I think I miss all the fun thunderstorms in Iowa during the spring and summer months. Can’t wait for the tornadoes…


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