This site might be kinda slow the next few days cuz I’m seeding Trance Empire 10 via BitTorrent. If this site is ever slow, it’s probably because I’m seeding some trance music.

We got a new kitty cat at home. He’s roughly 9 weeks old now. The CAT5 cable going from the server to the LAN at home doesn’t have a little tab on it, so it’s real easy to pull out of the ethernet card. The kitty cat likes to walk around under my desk. He keeps knocking the CAT5 cable out of the LAN ethernet adapter in the server. I’m gonna swap that cable with a new one when I go home for lunch. It gets real annoying.

Dad and Carol are coming to Iowa this weekend. Carol has been asked to photograph the national water ski championship in Waterloo. I’m going up there on Saturday night to visit them and will stay there Sunday. I think it’ll be a fun time. Being on a lake, with nice weather is always fun…and I do think it’s supposed quite nice this weekend.