Site Issues?

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here yet. WordPress claims to have trouble connecting to the mysql server. I upgraded kernels lastnight. I updated to the most recent WordPress build, which is It could be either of those I suppose. Probably more likely the second.

Here’s what you’ll see if it’s messing up:
DB Problems

If you notice this will you please contact me? Either by posting a comment, using the contact page, or e-mailing me. Thanks!

I reverted back to an older codebase I was using, so it’s fixed for now. I think it was a couple comment/trackback plugins I had installed that were causing the problem. They’ve since been removed and everything should be back to normal. I tested in Lynx on a remote system and it worked well in that, so…if it works in Lynx it should work in about everything.

  • Fox

    yea I saw that yesterday, its all good now

  • Pappy

    Tyler…I looked again at 12:28 PM and everything is now working. I hope that you actually did something to affect a cure because those self-correcting issues are never welcome as they may once again become self-initiated problems.

  • I rolled the site’s code back to what I was using on 5/09. That seems to have helped. I was modifying a bunch of stuff yesterday. I think it’s being caused by a plugin I’m using.

    I’m glad it didn’t just start working. That always frightens me as I like to be able to reproduce problems and then fix them the correct way.

  • Yea, I noticed it too, about 4 o’clockish, my local time yesterday. Considering I could do nothing with it, and you’ll probably check your blog when you check your mail, I didn’t say anything…

    But you seemed to have fixed it… Which plugin was it?

  • It was the mw_comments/trackback plugin:

    I hacked the hell outta it before I started using it, so it may very well work correctly “out of the box”.