Short life for kitty?

Tune in in a couple weeks to hear the fate of the kitty…

This is the first, in what will probably be many, gripes about how kitty can go to hell. I refer to him simply as “Kitty”, instead of the gay ass name given to him by his owners wifey.

Brad’s new fucking kitty cat will die soon. It’s shit on the couch twice in the last 3 days. I took the covers off the couch and I could tell he had been pissin on one of them for a few days cuz it was stained already n shit.

I always leave slghtly empty pop cans on my desk. And remove them once too many gather. I woke up this morning to find Mt. Dew all over my keyboard, desk, mouse, and somehow monitor. I know it was that fucking cat walkin around up on my desk.

I dun even know why Brad got the damn thing. He didn’t even know it was out of food the other day. Completely out. I feed the fucker all the time, give him water and all that shit. Brad changes his litter box though. He’s only changed it twice since we’ve had the cat though. It prolly needs changed again, I’d imagine that’s why he’s shittin on the couch.

Now that the covers are off all pieces of the couch, the kitty will for sure die if he shits on it. I dun give a fuck. The life of one little kitty cat isn’t worth the time I have to spend dealing with him.

I been “killing kittens” for years now anyway (only farkers will know what I talkin bout)!


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