She Obviously Skipped Town

Jennifer Wilbanks, the lady that disappeared a day before her wedding, has turned up in New Mexico. They’re now saying it looks to be a case of “cold feet”. I think I saw this on the news Thursday morning before going to work. I was tired as hell and still really groggy from sleeping and the first thing that came to my mind was “she didn’t want to get married so she ran.”

Was watching Fox News yesterday and they were talking about how much law enforcement time she wasted and all that. None of the time would have been wasted had the news media not overblown the situation. I mean it was pretty obvious to anyone watching that she fled to avoid getting married. I always thought the police needed someone to be missing for 48 hours before they start looking. The police couldn’t have been notified of her missing 48 hours before the news picked the story up. The media circus probably put pressure on the cops to start hunting for her and exerting all this man power on her. All for nothing.

You guys are so stupid. Read how the town she fled from feels “betrayed”.


Well, now what?

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