Setup Scout Realtime on Ubuntu

I love server monitoring. It’s something I’ve always liked. When I discovered top in about 1998 on Slackware Linux, I fell in love.

Top is old, though. Scout Realtime isn’t.

Scout Realtime is built with Ruby and can be installed as a Ruby gem. Make sure you’ve got rubygems installed. If it’s not installed, then install it.

Scout Realtime doesn’t work with Ruby 1.8, it requires Ruby 1.9. Installing Ruby 1.9 is pretty easy and is explained in detail in this post.

Install Scout Realtime

This has been tested on Ubuntu 13.10 on a DigitalOcean VPS.

Now you can install Scout Realtime:
sudo gem install scout_realtime

After it’s been installed, launch it! You can run it as root or as your normal user. If you want to run it as root, just add sudo before the scout_realtime command below.

That’ll start Scout Realtime on it’s default listening port, which is 5555. If you’d like it to run on a different port, run scout_realtime --help to see how to go about that.

Access Scout Realtime

There’s a couple ways that you can access Scout Realtime in your browser.

The quickest and safest way is to setup a SSH tunnel. This is how Scout shows Realtime being setup.
ssh -NL 5555:localhost:5555 user@ip_or_hostname

Replace user@ip_or_hostname with your SSH user and hostname.

Once the SSH tunnel is setup and running, open up your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:5555. You should see Scout Realtime, it’ll look similar to the screenshot that’s attached to this post.

You can also open a firewall port, allowing access to port 5555, or whatever port you’ve got Scout Realtime running on. Doing this will provide you with persistent access to Scout Realtime. Just navigate to your IP address or domain on the relevant port.

That’s it! Scout Realtime should now be running on your server, and you’ve got a couple of different options for accessing Scout Realtime.

For more on Scout Realtime, visit the site or view the source code on GitHub.


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