Search Engine Relevancy Challenge

The guy that runs Search Engine Round Table also runs RustyBrick. RustyBrick is running an experiment to see which of the major search engines produces the most relevant results. They’re looking for more people to search so they can get a bigger sampling.

I would like to thank you for Helping to Promote RustySearch and the Search Engine Relevancy Challenge. We have surpassed 10,000 searches of which 5,000 searches were rated. Please continue to promote it, so we can hit 20,000 rated searches. The graphs and charts below are current as of 5/12/2005 at 3:30PM (EST) pulled from The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge, RustySearch search engine. I’ll explain each graph and chart below.

The “Search Engine Relevancy Dials” below show how each search engine scored on average in terms of relevancy on a one through five scale at this point in time. The search engine with the highest score is considered the most relevant search engine voted by you.

I’m sort of surprised Google isn’t in the lead. But I have seen some totally not relevant results when searching with google before. So I guess I’d believe it.