Rusty is Pissed!

Dr. Rusty Shackelford, over at The Jawa Report, is really pissed off about some things Kos (the guy that runs Daily Kos) said. Kos thinks the US torture in Iraq is as bad as Saddam’s torturing people. I think Rusty about blew a gasket or somethin, cuz he sent out an e-mail about the latest post at The Jawa Report.

Rusty proceeded to create a photo essay demonstrating the torture Saddam forced upon the Iraqis. I don’t think that stuff is happening now, at least not by the hands of US troops. Probably still happens from all those other lunatic jihadist fuckers though. Rusty is totally right, Kos is obviously a retard, I can’t believe I used to read that crap. Here’s a little of what Rusty had to say about it.

Will someone please grab Kos head, pull it out of his ass, and force him to please see below.

Almost all of the accusations of ‘torture’ are NOT REAL TORTURE. Instead, they are minor instances of harsh treatment–the kind of treatment you probably wouldn’t want to be subjected to–but they aren’t TORTURE.

There are some instances of abuse and perhaps even the occasional act of real torture, these, of course should be investigated. But to say that the occasional abuse is somehow equal to the institutionalized and routine torture of the Saddam Hussein regime is disgusting, immoral, and anti-American.

Check the whole entire thing out though. Be warned though, some of the photos are very graphic and may disturb some people.

Decision ’08 has some interesting things to say about it too.