Root isn’t unsafe

I’ve always disputed this as I typically run as root when using my linux boxes. Now, when using Gnome or some other UI, I’ll use my regular user.

Michael Robertson, CEO of Linspire, has come to my defense (sort of): “I defy anybody to tell me why is it more secure to not run as root. Nobody really has a good answer. They say ‘oh, yeah, it is!’, but it really isn’t.”

I’ve heard so many people talk about the dangers of running as root all the time. There are dangers, such as accidentally “rm -rf /some/important/dir/”, but if you can type, that shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve never accidentally removed a folder or file I need. If you’re prone to do things like that, you shouldn’t have a root account anyway.

BTW, I saw this on Slashdot this morning: