Kos: Right Wingers=Islamic Crazies

Kos says that the islamic nut jobs are a lot like people on the right. The left shouldn’t be allowed to play anymore. They can’t play nice, all they can do is defame and condemn. First it was Kos, then Ted Rall saying Karl Rove is worse than bin Laden. Now we’re back to Kos being stupid again. Kos supposedly wrote it in response to IowaHawks amusing little post about patriotism.

The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy has the bulk of what Kos wrote. You can read it at their site, they’ve also got a link to the original Kos post.

Rusty from the Jawa Report was able to do basically the same thing as Kos, only his is way more accurate and insightful…see below.

Religious Practice
Al Qaida/Taliban: We tolerate you as long as you practice in private
Kos Leftist Taliban: We tolerate you as long as you practice in private
The Right: Religion can be practiced anywhere, including public spaces

Religious Freedom
Al Qaida/Taliban: Forbidden in Koran
Kos Leftist Taliban: Forbidden in Constitution
The Right: Inherent part of Christianity

Church State Relations
Al Qaida/Taliban: The religion of the State is Islam
Kos Leftist Taliban: The religion of the State is Atheism
The Right: no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Equal Rights
Al Qaida/Taliban: Different punishments depending on sex
Kos Leftist Taliban: Different punishments depending on race
The Right: Equality before the law

Now, I’m not saying that Karl Rove isn’t one evil dude, because I believe he is. One man shouldn’t carry that much influence in our government. And he looks like a little piggy. I really enjoyed American Dad’s take on Karl Rove on one of their more recent episodes. I love American Dad, it’s one of my all time favorite shows. Along with the Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill.

I’m done now, got a little off topic.


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