Removed Contact

I’ve removed the contact page from this site while it’s being hosted on this server. I have installed sendmail but it doesn’t work quite right and takes a really long time to deliver mail. I don’t wanna take the time to properly configure it right now. It all worked fine on my server at home, so once the site is back there, the contact page will return.

I heard today that Mediacom is coming out with an always-on dial-up speed connection. It uses a standard phone line and is always on, so you don’t have to dial-up. Sounds kinda like an ISDN line or something. It’s invite only though, so Mediacom has to invite you to recieve the service. I’d think about getting this if they aren’t able to fix my cable internet. But since I have to be invited, I probably won’t be able to recieve it. It looks interesting though.