Remove qq_tracker_code_advanced_default Message from WordPress

After the latest update to the Quantcast Quantifier plugin, I had a strange bit of text showing at the top of every site it was installed on.

qq_tracker_code_advanced_default was showing at the top of every page, for no real reason.

To get that text to go away, you’ll need to go into the Quantcast Quantifier settings page. Once on that page in your WordPress dashboard, go to the Advanced (Optional) text box. You should see that string of text in there.
Simply delete that text from the Advanced (Optional) box and save the changes. Reload your site and that text will be gone.

There seems to be a LOT of sites affected by this. Doing a search on Google for qq_tracker_code_advanced_default yields about 85000 results. I visited a few sites that showed up in results and a vast majority do have qq_tracker_code_advanced_default at the top of the page.