Real Life Matrix

Sony has patented an idea for transmitting data directly to peoples brains. Theoretically, it could be used for movies, games, or music. The list of possible applications is absolutely gigantic though.

I’d love to see a movie that sends scents and and taste to my brain. Just think what something like this would do for the porn industry. I’m not so sure I’d want a porn that I can smell and taste, but I’m sure there’s lots of people out there that disagree with me.

Anyway, the story says there’s no brain implants or anything, which is good. The un-reality is projected into the brains of people via an electrode feed at the back of their necks. The article claims “it would not use brain implants or other surgery to manipulate the brain”. The electrode feed at the back of the neck has to get there somehow (surgery), cuz I don’t have one. Can’t say I’d want to get a neck implant. Neat idea, but not really anything new.,10117,12780383-13762,00.html