Poor Fella

Spc. Charles Graner Jr., I really do feel sorry for the guy. He got a pretty shitty deal from this Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal crapola. He was convicted of two counts of conspiracy, one count of dereliction of duty, four counts of maltreatment of detainees, one count of aggravated assault and one count of an indecent act.

He claims to have been just following orders, which he probably was. The blame for this thing shouldn’t be placed on the lower level service men and women. The people who ordered them to do these things should be held accountable.

But, I think the whole idea of not being forceful with these detainees is stupid. I mean, what’s the point in treating them like humans? If we know they’ve commited acts of violence in the past, they deserve the same treatment in return.

Here’s CNN’s article: