Piece O’ Crap

Microsoft Excel is the damned stupidest app ever made. It doesn’t follow any sort of logic. It typically does the exact opposite of what I think it should be doing.

I’m making charts for total meals sold weekly for various clients. Each client has it’s own sheet in the workbook.

I’m trying to add a pie chart so we can see what client has what percentage of our business. I can’t do this because I have the data for each individual client on seperate sheets. Normally Excell has no problems working across sheets, but apparently can’t do it when making graphs.

Excel is constantly changing data in our spreadsheets too. One lady, Kelly, saves her data on the network. When she saves it, the values in some of the gets changed so it’s ponting to a different workbook on the server. The actual cell has a link to some other excel file on the network.

Excel is messy, un-reliable, and a pain to work with. All the MS Office products have been annyoing the shit outta me lately. I can’t stand using them because I have no idea what they might do to the work I’m doing.

I spoke with Mike Schilling a few days ago. He wrote the software we use to manage our meals. He wrote it with an Access database as the backend. I think I got him convinced to move the data over to a MySQL server. I totally don’t trust Access with that many records. Our access database is up to around 600,000 records. One table alone has over 300,000 records. It seems that once an Access db reaches 100,000 or more records, it starts to slow dramatically.

Switching to MySQL would be killer. That would give us the ability to access that data from anywhere. I need to get a .NET or Mono book and start reading…