Photo Management

So, I’ve been looking for some good photo management software for Linux. Specifically for the Gnome desktop.

The first I found was Glimmr. It’s a Flickr uploader for Gnome and is written in Mono/C#. It’s not really a photo management suite, mostly just a tool to tag and upload images to Flickr.

The second was F-Spot. F-Spot also has the ability to upload to Flickr. It also has a lot of other built-in functionality. It’s not designed specifically for Flickr as Glimmr is. F-Spot is more of a generic photo management suite.

I am unable to actively use F-Spot though as no thumbnails show for any of my images, they’re just blank. I have all required dependencies. It’s very disappointing as I was really excited to start using F-Spot. I even downloaded the lastest development version from the Gnome CVS, still no fix for the thumbnails though. I hung around in #mono on for a while hoping for some assistance, but none ever came.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for photo management software? I’ve tried Picasa, which is OK. But I really want something for Linux as that’s where I store all my photos. And I just plug my camera in via USB and it’ll be mounted on my desktop.

  • Dump them in a directory and use Konqueror, Kuickshow, or gwenview. Suits me fine.

  • Eww…KDE apps.

    I feel naughty contaminating my Gnome Desktop with all these KDE apps. GTK2 apps are so much prettier. I am determined to get f-spot working. A guy on the f-spot mailing list thought he had a workaround for me, but it didn’t seem to work. It’s just really weird that it won’t do thumbnails for me. When I double click a blank thumbnail, it’ll pull a larger version of the image up. It’s a very scaled down version of the image though.

    I gonna get it working, rest assured. πŸ™‚

  • Please file a bug in about the thumbnail problem with details about what distribution and mono version you are using. I’m happy to look into problems like this when I can.

  • Gwenview is gnome, and f-spot works on my KDE anyway. πŸ™‚
    Kinda ironic, you’re using the native WM and you can’t get a native app working while I am using KDE, and it can install it (came with Suse 9.3).


  • Pascal, you’re crazy.
    Title of the page: An image viewer for KDE
    Although with a name like gwenview, you would think it’s a Gnome app…

    I should have been more specific probably. I want progs that make use of GTK2 as opposed to QT. That way they fit in with my Gnome theme and everything. Gives the desktop a nice polished look and feel.

  • Mhh. Maybe I am crazy… I thought it was a gnome app.
    My mistake.