Personalized Google

This is a pretty neat item in the Google Labs right now. It’s basically a personalized Google homepage. So now when I go to, see something like this. I had to re-arrange the items to fit.
My Perosonal Google Homepage
Here’s some of what Search Views had to say about it:

Search Engine Journal has coverage of the Google Personalized Homepage, the beta version of which was revealed at the Google Factory Tour today. The personalized homepage is scheduled to be listed in Google Labs, but we’re not showing it just yet.

In addition to being a competitor for the personalized services of Jeeves, MSN, etc. the service is a way for Google to tie all of its subscription services into one offering, though no RSS aggregation yet (boooooo).

It’s nice to have all that right there. My gmail, weather, and news. Barry @ Search Engine Roundtable also points out this is being discussed on many forums.