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Patrick J. Volkerding, the man behind Slackware has been really sick lately. In his most recent update to slackware-current, he posted a request for assistance from the community.

This was mentioned on They mention that he’s suffering from a genetic disorder called Marfan’s syndrome. I don’t believe it’s a life-threatening disease, which is good. I’ve read about it a bit about it on the internet, it sounds to be more of a nuisance than anything.

Patrick is looking for help in recieving the medicine he needs to get better. He’s been traveling all over the U.S. to hospitals. Last I heard, he was at the Mayo clinic.

People are acting like he’s dead. Asking what’s going to happen to Slackware? Slackware is gonna die! blah, blah blah. Pat’s not dead. If the worst case scenerio was to occur, there’d still be people to take over the maintaining of Slackware.

Here’s Pat’s official message to the community asking for help:


Well, now what?

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