Pat Robertson and Hugo Chavez

The fact that blogs and the news are covering this freaks me out a little bit. I’m sorta disappointed in the blogosphere for continuing to cover this…I’ll just add to the pile.

I remember having to watch Pat Robertson on The 700 Club when I’d go to the babysitters in the morning. This was when I was really little. Even then I remember not listening to what he had to say. I knew he was just talking to get money for god. I’ve always thought he was pretty much insane. That’s why I can’t figure out why so many people put so much weight in what he said about assisinating Chavez.

Now, there’s no doubt that Chavez is a dangerous guy. Just check out what Danny Carlton (Jack) had to say about him in his commtary today. He’s also got a good post about what Chavez is up to and where all his money goes. Sounds like he likes to play with his military. Can’t say I blame him.

Stones Cry Out have a post entitled “An Embarrassing Retraction by Robertson”. It’s actually pretty funny. Sounds like Jim put a lot of thought into it.

Robertson Activates Christian Sleeper Cells is a very funny satire post over at Right Wing News.

What’s almost even funnier is the fact that a Finnish christian TV station is dropping The 700 Club because of what Robertson said. Way to go guys!

Personally, I think we should assisinate Chavez. Too bad it’s illegal. We should repeal whatever law it is that prevents political assisinations. I think it’s executive order 12333. Well, I take that back. He should be assisinated if he does anything to antagonize us. Forget what he’s done in the past, focus on now and the future. If he can shut up and be a good little dictator/president, then we should leave him alone.

Castro is gonna be a bad influence on him.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades HQ has basically the whole entire thing right. Ace touched on pretty much every aspect of how the U.S. should react. Didn’t the U.S. government play a role in killing Pablo Escobar?


Well, now what?

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8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson and Hugo Chavez

  1. Unless I am mistaken, here’s the deal:
    Your nation goes around the globe, forcing other nations and countries to adopt democracy. I don’t like the way you do it – there certainly could be a nicer approach. Then when a person, who was democratically put into presidency, and leads his country democratically refuses to sell you a product an Evangelist proclaims this a bad, and that this man in question ought to be assassinated – and you think this acceptable?


    All this makes makes that nation automatically a harbouring ground for Muslim extreemists and terrorists? I don’t see the logic.

    Hugo Chavez has as much right to be president of Venezuela as does the president of Switzerland, Germany and pretty much all the other democratically elected presidents. Just like these other presidents, whatever Hugo Chavez wants to do with his country’s oil is fucking up to him not US foreign policy. I’m not allowed to force you to sell me something, nor steal something from you am? No. Then why are you allowed to demand to purchase something from me, and if I don’t comply, you think you to assassinate me?

    Last of all, might I note to the sick double standard that also Pat Robertson seems to have. On one hand he is a national evangelist, who probably knows the Bible from cover to cover, whilst on the other hand he demands that another man is assassinated, as in murdered, as in killed. I’m no man of the Bible, but unless I am mistaken number 6 in the commandments read:
    “You shall not murder” / “Thou shall not kill”.
    Just an idea Mr. Robertson?


  2. I completely understand why he must have done this – people don’t like being oppressed.

    So, this blowback thing happens all the time? Could you give me a few examples?

  3. It is interesting to know that this book actually doesn’t have much to do with what you described ‘blockbacks’ as… Rather, it, Blowback as the title suggests – actually “referrs to a CIA neologism describing the unintended consequences of American activity–is a call for the United States to rethink its position in the world.”

    Other than that, it is even more interesting to note that it definitely isn’t for the “War on Terror”, and certainly not pro-Bush…

    Thanks for the recommendation, I might get this read. Anyone else interested?



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