Paris Hilton is Funny

I heard that Paris Hilton’s notebook got stolen. It supposedly had a bunch of videos of her on it or something. I’m not even sure if it got stolen or is just missing. Anyway, Paris was hatin on bloggers in a recent interview she did. By way of SearchViews.

Talking tech is fun, but even more so when celebs get in on the act. First up is Paris Hilton, who in a recent interview admitted her complete and utter ignorance of blogosphere:

Reporter: Do you read blogs?
Paris: What’s that?
Reporter: Um, they’re these things on the Internet where people write about news and stuff.
Paris: No, I don’t really read anything on the Internet except my AOL mail. I don’t like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don’t know anything about.

You tell ’em, Paris. While you’re at it, try to take better care of your electronic equipment. First the Sidekick gets hacked, now we get word that your laptop has been lost. Guess she’s in the midst of a move-in with her boyfriend of the same name and, according to her publicist, “A lot of stuff is in flux.”

I had to laugh when I read that. She’s so retarded. Her new movie, House of Wax looks really stupid. I’ve never seen the 1953 original, but I’d imagine it’s better than the one that’s coming out tomorrow. I wish she would go away.


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4 thoughts on “Paris Hilton is Funny

  1. Hey I love Paris I think shes beautiful interesting and sure shes famous because of her parents but shes using it to her advantage and shes pretty good at it too, even if shes creating scandal hey shes still getting recognition for it
    her movie house of wax wasint very good at all but i like her style i like her and if i had the advantages she has id be working my stuff the same:)

  2. While we are discussing the shortcomings of Paris, I might as well point out the obvious: Paris, I have been a big fan of yours, but I have one question: With fame, beauty, an opportunity to be a major recording star, an almost endless supply of money, and a great body, why did you recently drive your car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Don’t you realize that you could lose everything if you are involved and convicted in a drug-related or an alcohol-related fatality? Paris, you simply have to make better decisions than this.

    Why do I like Paris? I like her “attitude” and I think her “look” is refreshing, given the number of absolute lard-ass women in the U.S. who roam throughout the country-side eating everything in their way.

  3. Does Paris Hilton really think that we all believe she thought the drug was gum. When she will fail the drug test, what will she say ? She probably forgot about the cocaine because she was too high. Running in the fast lane for the rich and famous isn’t that much different for real people of the world. So a little advice when you get caught own it and stop embarrassing yourself and those who care about you.


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