Page Comments for K2 and Unwakeable

For some time now, comments have been disabled on pages in K2 and Unwakeable. The modifications needed to allow comments on pages are extremely easy to make. If you use either of these themes and wish to enable comments on pages, please continue reading.
1. Open the page.php file located in your K2 or Unwakeable theme directory. Go to line 36, it should look like this:

2. Comment out that if statement, so it should look like this when you’re done:

3. You’re halfway done at this point. Now go to line 40, which should look like this:

4. Comment out this piece of code as well, so modify line 40 so it looks like the code below.

5. Save the page.php file and you should be all set.

I will make this modification in the next release of Unwakeable so you won’t have to modify it yourself. You can expect to see a new version of Unwakeable released within a week.