Order Verification

Yay! The guys @ the warehouse are verifying all senior orders today and tomorrow. I’m so excited that the system is finally going how it needs to be. I’ve been down to Ankeny the last 3 weekends in a row I think. At least I’m getting some good overtime.

Mike Schilling, the guy that does all our software, came down to Ankeny last Friday so he could fix up a few things. Everything is working much better now. I got the queries to generate a milk order for our senior clients all setup and working yesterday. The warehouse guys are testing it out today. I hope I don’t have to go down there any this week.

Today I’m gonna be writing some PHP to improve the order import process and to allow our warehouse manager to update UPC values in the database. Some of our products aren’t consistent and their UPC’s change every so often. Being able to update the UPC value for an item is almost a necessity.

I think we’re planning to get another verification system as soon as this one is up and running 100%. We also got the ethernet connection back to the warehouse/cooler going. Now I just need to go grab a WAP and a Wireless card and they’ll be set. I’m very happy that the guys in Ankeny should be able to scan all senior orders without any problems.