OpenDNS System Status

It looks like OpenDNS is about to launch a “System Status” section of their website. Check out I don’t know if this page is supposed to be live to the public yet, but what the hell.

Once you navigate to that page, you’ll see a status summary of the OpenDNS network. It looks like there’s gonna be a “mini blog” type of thing there too, probably mostly for making updates about outages or other problems. The “Testing” link you see in the image below is what leads me to believe there’s gonna be a separate “status” blog on that page.
There’s also a newer post at the OpenDNS blog about how they learn about phishing sites. I think they made that post in part due to one of my earlier posts on OpenDNS. πŸ™‚

And boy how I wish I lived in San Francisco (well, not really). OpenDNS is currently looking for a Debian system administrator. Personally though, I’ve touched Debian once or twice. I can’t imagine leaving my beloved Slackware.

Oh, and I found the site via my WordPress dashboard. was listed as an incoming link from Technorati.


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4 thoughts on “OpenDNS System Status

  1. Damn you’re quick!

    Yep, we’re laying on the finishing touches live (didn’t care to htaccess this) and we’ll blog it on the main site when we’re 100% later today or tomorrow morning.

    But glad you like it. We think it’ll help people get a clearer picture of our service. Ideally, you’ll always see green lights.


  2. I like it a whole lot David. The daily DNS requests stat is nice too. Any plans to add a list of top requested domains?

  3. Tyler,

    See this?

    Post a reply there. I’d love to see a discussion of possible features. I didn’t want to post some of the ideas I have because I really want to read yours. But to give you one idea I had was a Google trends like domain-a.tld vs domain-b.tld matchup. Like AIMwars or Googlewars, this would be like a DNSwars. All in good fun though. πŸ™‚

    And of course, top ten lists would probably be pretty easy.


  4. David,

    I hadn’t seen that, bitchin. I’ll comment there tomorrow before work, I should probably go to bed now. Something like Googlewars would be awesome, DNSwars would prove to be quite entertaining, I’m sure.


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