On a different server

So, this site has been moved to another server. One at my place of work for the time being. I tried out my other cable modem lastnight and it wouldn’t sync up either.

I am gonna run to the hardware store tonight after work to get a new cable splitter. I’m hoping my current one just went bad or something.

Please take it easy on this server as it doesn’t have a very big internet connection, some crappy DSL from a local telecom. I’m not going to bother fixing the Contact page just because this site is goin back on my server within a week hopefully.

  • Pappy

    I remember the foul mood that I was in just before you brought Chewy home nearly 3 years ago. My Internet service had been out for over a month.

    Good luck!!!

  • Yup, I remember that too. I think the cable guy was still there when we brought Chewy home. I think he was doing something with the line under the driveway by the basketball hoop…I could be wrong.

    I hope they’re able to fix it. I bought a new splitter from RadioShack lastnight, it didn’t help any though.